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DaVinci Tattoo, developed by two best friends Jim Journey and Dan Ladan, opened it’s doors in May 2006. Sadly, just 3 months into our dream, Jim passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. Following his death, Dan was determined to keep their dream alive. Over the years Dan, along with some dedicated fellow artists have built and maintained the good name of DaVinci to be a staple in the community and tattoo industry.

Since our recent move to Merritt Island our client base and community ties have grown. We will continue to earn clients with our friendly attitude, professionalism, and quality tattoos and piercings.

Be True, Be You, Be Tattooed.

Davinci Tattoo & Piercing
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Is it safe to get a tattoo or piercing?

Yes, completely safe for most people Tattoos and piercings are safe, as long as each artist and the entire studio strictly adheres to Universal precautions and Blood Borne Pathogen Safety. You can be assured that Da Vinci Tattoo requires each artist to hold client safety as the first priority. We have the highest level of sterilization possible and go above and beyond all local health codes and laws.

Can I bring my own picture or drawing for my tattoo?

Yes. This tattoo will be on you permanently so we want to be sure you are completely happy. Bring anything you think might help to capture exactly what you’re looking for your tattoo to reflect. We also have plenty of references you can look at to grab ideas from like our flash wall. No matter whether you know exactly what you want or don’t have a clue, we will always work with you to design a custom piece of art that you will love. 

Does it hurt?

Yes it hurts. But, there are lots of people walking around with tattoos and piercings so it’s not unbearable! There are many sensations used to describe it depending on each person and what area is being worked on. Some people even like it!

Are there any special requirements to get tattooed or pierced?
You must be 18 years or older for a tattoo or piercing due to local health rules and regulations. Piercings can be done on 12-17 year olds with a guardian or parent present with both individuals valid state issued ID and you must sign a waiver with a notary stamp. Tattoos can be done on 16-17 year olds with a guardian or parent present with both individuals ID and you must sign a waiver with a notary stamp. If your child does not have a state issued ID you may use a school issued ID along with their birth certificate.
I have a tattoo that’s really bad, can it be fixed?
Our artists can usually cover up or fix most tattoos, even really bad ones so you would never even know they were there! We are always honest though. If we don’t think it can be successfully covered we will let you know and work with you on what options you do have so you will ultimately be happy. We never do a tattoo just to make a buck. This is a really good group of artists who take tremendous pride in their work and art. Be assured that the artwork on your body and how you feel about it is a reflection on them – meaning your satisfaction is VERY important!
How long before I can get a tan and what kind of aftercare should I do?
Aftercare guidelines for tattooing and piercing are given to every client. To review these, click on the aftercare link at the top.
How do the colors turn out?
Think of your skin as a filter over the tattoo. Darker skins will mute or obscure the color. Lighter skin will allow the color to be more vivid.
Is it permanent?
Yes, but all tattoos will age. Sun, improper healing, and poor health, will affect the final results. “Your skin is not linoleum”, all tattoos age. How well they age depends on the size, and placement. Older tattoos can be redone and recolored. Unwanted tattoos can be covered with a new one or laser removed.
Where can I get the Notary forms?

You can download the piercing form here and the tattoo form here. Just print them out. You need Adobe reader to download

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